RQ Wizard

RQ Wiz Release Information
Version Release Date Notes
1.1.1 2013-04-26 Add third page to character sheets and printing options
1.1.0 2012-12-03 RQ Diary is now available
1.0.5 2012-11-25 Add option to look-up Standard Weapons during Sheet edit
1.0.4 2012-11-20 Add check for "are you sure" changes before leaving Sheet Edit page
1.0.3 2012-11-15 Auto calculate Spells vs Int (Own and Stored) to RQ2/RQ3
1.0.2 2012-10-05 Add Campaign Sharing
1.0.1 2012-09-29 Corrections to sheet print payout
1.0.0 2012-09-25 First working(ish) web release of previous windows program