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Welcome to the RQ Wizard web site. We provide resources for players of the RuneQuest role-playing game. Never heard of RuneQuest? Then click here.

At the moment we offer a facility to store and print Character Sheets.

RQ Sheet

- (RuneQuest Character Sheets)

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If you are still writing character sheets by hand? Then you face the regular chore of re-writing them when they become too grubby!

No more re-writes! No more sleepless nights worrying wthat you may lose your favourite character sheet! RQ Wizard even calculates and re-calculates the bonus values.

Sharing - Share your Campaign and Character Sheets amongst your group.


You are welcome to try RQ Wizard for free, just sign-in as the Guest User and have a play. Beware that periodically I clear-down Gust User content.

After admiring the wonders of RQ Wizard you may have your own sign-in for the additional cost of nothing! Just contact me and ask nicely.

It you're really lucky I may be able to add your House Rule variants to the system.

Launch Pad

Warming up to get ready for launch I have

  1. Support for more systems RuneQuest 6, OpenQuest, MRQ etc
  2. RQ Diary - record all your fondest memories.
  3. RQ Generate - let the system deliver pages and pages of NPCs tuned to your specific tastes.
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RQ2, RQ3

Plus variants of the above to fit local House Rules.